Sanuvox Air Purifier with Ultraviolet Sterilizer 12 VDC (VP900-GX)


– Designed for use in ambulance vehicle (12 VDC)
– Eradicates bacteria, viruses and mold
– Destroys chemical and biological odors
– Purify up to 80 square meter


SANUVOX is the leading manufacturer in Ultraviolet Air and Object Sterilizer/Purification holding dosmetic and international patents, bringing to markets around the world, products and solutions for virtually any indoor quality issue.

PROVEN RESULTS: Tested by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) on Biological Warfare Agents (BWAs). Sanuvox was the only manufacturer that contributed a single UV system and did not require any reducation in air-flow or duct modifications to achieve greater than 90% destruction on all three cross-sections of biological contaminants.


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