Eastwood Arc 200i Stick Welder and Tig Welding

· Input: 220-240 VAC
· Output Range/Type: 30-200 Amps / DC
· Duty Cycle: 15% @ 200 Amps
· Weld Material/Max: Steel, Stainless / 10 mm
· Torch/Torch Length: Electrode Holder / 375 cm
· Collet Size: 1.6 – 2.4 mm
· Power Source: IGBT
· Pre-Gas Flow/Post-Gas Flow: Manual
· Ground Cable Length: 3 m


Optinal with item #20358


Welds up to 10 mm. Power & portability in one package. The Eastwood ARC200I Welder provides a convenient method of performing “stick” welding carbon steel or stainless steel. Inverter Technology provides the capability of welding thin or heavy gauge steel with precision and ease. When adding the optional Arc Welder TIG Torch, Gas Regulator, and a cylinder of shielding gas, the ARC200i becomes a TIG welder. Convert to a TIG Welder with the Eastwood # 12238 Welding Gas Regulator, Eastwood # 20358 TIG Torch and a cylinder of Argon Gas.


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