Eastwood Benchtop Blast Cabinet

· Working area: 0.05 m3
· Exterior: 60 x 50 x 48 cm
· Min. requirement: 10 cfm @80 psi.

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The smart, space efficient design of this bench top media blasting cabinet really can’t be beat. The whole hinged top of the cabinet is both the access door, and the view window. This gives you much greater access to the inside then even some full sized cabinets. Meanwhile, you look down at your work through a big 48×38 cm screen, with full sized tear off protection (5pk #30770). Dust control is handled by hooking up any shop vacuum to the cabinet, or use it in a well ventilated area with no vacuum. The whole cabinet will take up just a 60×50 cm space in the corner of your work bench. That means you have nearly 0.1 m3 of work space to blast in. Just about any shop compressor can run it too; it needs just 10 cfm at 80 psi. The included high quality gun will work with a variety of media, and has replaceable ends for years of usage.


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