Eastwood Elite 27″ Bead Roller

· Largest Hand Crank Bead Roller on the Market
· Fabricated Design for Industry Leading Strength
and Rigidity
· 27” Throat Capacity – Allows you to form from
center of a 54” panel
· Industry standard 22mm shafts to accept all
professional dies
· Tool-less design for Quick, Precise Adjustment
· Vise or Stand Mountable for ease of use
· includes Eastwood exclusive flange die set
· Excels in producing floor pans, firewalls, truck
floors, inner fenders and more


Eastwood Elite 27” Bead Roller is a professional metal fabrication tool which excels in producing strengthening ribs in panels used in creating replacement floor pans, firewalls, trunk floors, inner fenders, etc. as well as creating decorative custom designs in door panels, dashes and much more with the included dies.


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