Eastwood Elite Mp200i Multi-Process Welder

· Input: 220-240 VAC
· Output Range/Type: 30-200 Amps / DC
· Duty Cycle: 20% @ 200 Amps
· Weld Material/Max: Steel, Stainless / 10 mm
· Torch/Torch Length: Electrode Holder / 271 cm
· Collet Size: 1.6 – 2.4 mm
· Power Source: IGBT
· Pre-Gas Flow/Post-Gas Flow: Manual
· Ground Cable Length: 3 m


Welds up to 10 mm. One machine does it all! Get the Eastwood MP200i and have it all! Different welding techniques are ideal for different metal conditions or experience levels, and someone who does a lot of work on cars needs the ability to switch between them. With this 3-in-one welder, you can MIG, stick or TIG weld all from a single compact, space-saving unit. Users can weld steel and stainless steel up to 3/8-inch thick in MIG welding mode and up to ¼-inch thick in TIG or ARC mode, which is more than enough for most DIY projects. And by adding the optional spool gun kit, you can turn it into an aluminum stick welder or gas arc welder as well. This is a true “one machine does it all” welder!


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