Promeba Ambulance Stretcher Serie 900 PC-902


Large |1940 mm

Width |585 mm

Height  |1040 mm

Loading Height |660 mm

Stretcher weight |42,5 Kg

Anchor point |1525 mm

Load capacity |250 Kg


The PC-902 stretcher offers a great balance between performance and benefits thanks to its high-strengh aluminium structure. Its components are extensively tested under demanding use conditions that fact give high reliability to it.

Available with 2 lockable swivel rear wheels and 2 swivel front wheels (without locking system). It has folding rails to allow the transfer of the patient and with the possibility of incorporating the bariatric kit.
The stretcher is very light for better maneuverability and has 12 positions to facilitate patient loading.

The load attack is 68 cm.


The PC-902 stretcher is designed to facilitate a proper position for the healthcare technician and avoid injuries.


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