Eastwood Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter

  • Input: 220 VAC
  • Power Cord Receptacle Plug: NEMA 6-50R
  • Power Cord Length: 5′
  • Output: 60 Amps
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 60 Amps
  • Torch: Trafimet CB70
  • Torch Tip: 0.1mm
  • Max Cut: 22 mm
  • Air Compressor Requirements: 5-7 cfm @ 60 psi
  • Torch Cable Length: 6 m
  • Ground Cable Length and Gauge: 3 m long, 5 gauge wire


Cuts up to 22 mm. Great for heavy-duty fabrication. The Eastwood-designed plasma cutter is your smartest choice for making clean, fast cuts through steel, stainless steel or aluminum as thin as 24 gauge or as thick as 3/8-inch. Compared to mechanical cutting, our Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter works significantly faster and makes curved and intricate cuts more easily and precisely. This is our best all-around plasma cutter and will handle most auto restoration, fabrication or repair work. The power, portability and affordability make it an essential tool for those who need to quickly slice through metal parts.


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