Eastwood Modular Blast Cabinet

· Working area: 71 x 45 x 30 cm /
0.1 m3
· Exterior: 77 x 52 x 71 cm
(with 22 cm Legs)
· Min. requirement: 7 cfm @80 psi.

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The Eastwood Modular Abrasive Blast Cabinet will provide you with an effective abrasive blasting tool that has a 0.6 m3 working area. This blast cabinet has a LED internal light low volume non duning hopper design with a high flow 15 inch Hg blast gun. It also has a large top opening design that eliminates the need for side doors and allows you to place the cabinet against a wall in a shop. Plus it comes with window liners and grip textured gloves to ensure a secure grasp on all objects. Vacuum port designed for 1.5” vacuum hose. Large 55 x 26 cm viewing window.


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